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Full Branding Package

The Fixagon is a café and workshop space in Shoreditch offering coffee and vegan sushi in a striking brutalist setting. With the branding we wanted to show what they offer in simple visual terms, while simultaneously conveying the minimalism that characterises the architecture and the building’s unique, stripped back interior.

There were two routes we could have taken with the design. The first being strong geometric shapes, typography, and infographics to match or replicate the structure of the building. The second, and the one we decided was most effective in this instance, has a more hand-made, illustrative and personal aesthetic - solely focusing on the vegan sushi and coffee. Here we have what feels like a collaborative, collage-designed identity, including organic mark making and textures which show off both the business’s core values and captures the feel of the building without leaning in too literally.

This approach speaks to the community ethos of the café, whilst remaining in line with the spirit of the architecture. 

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