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Best Buys Of 2022

I thought it would be fun to reflect on the things that have brought me a little bit of joy in 2022 - so here they are!

Mr Maria Face Lamp

Created a very cheerful ambiance in my bedroom with this fun, smiley face lamp. Best smiley boi buy of 2022. It was a tad smaller than expected, but still cute. 9/10

Purchase at:

New Balance 530

There's just something about these trainers that screams 'I could do anything in these'. Whether I’m running errands or just strutting around, my feet literally smile at me at the end of the day. I could honestly hike a mountain in them? 10/10.

Purchase at:

Pink Cloud Candle (from.. Lidl!)

Excuse me but when did Lidl’s middle aisle collaborate with my pinterest boards? It’s a cute dusty pink & sits nicely next to my smiley lamp AND it was only £3..winner! 10/10

Purchase at: Lidl's middle aisle

AESOP Hand-cream

Believe the hype for this hand cream - quickly became a fan after smothering a tester all over my hands. Perfect for the summer and winter months. Aesop packaging design is also *chefs kiss* and as a stand alone brand, kills it everytime. 8/10 (maybe a little too spenny for hand cream?)

Purchase at:

H&M Pink Metal Candle Holder

This cute swirly candle holder will add a touch of 90s glam to the living room. Enough said. 10/10.

Purchase at:


I've also added some other faves to my tiktok, take a look below or click here:

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